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Dabiz and Capi. Why the Dakar Rally?

Dabiz and Capi. Why the Dakar Rally?

Dabiz is a respected scientist, traveller, and activist committed to fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. He is a welcome guest on television programs in Spain, currently he is conducting research on modelling the evolution of submersed aquatic vegetation in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in California, using airborne hyperspectral and satellite images time series to predict future trends under climate change conditions. He has an incredible sense of humor.

For many years, he has been battling a disease that recently has limited his mobility. He is an inspiration to his family and friends, and being around Dabiz makes you want to discover a better version of yourself.

Serigne, known as Capitan (Capi) to his loved ones, came from Senegal to Europe to support his family. He is positive, sincere, good hearted, always smiling, talkative in his mother tongue and quieter away from home, he always finds kind words for everyone. He loves football.

January 2023. Dabiz fulfills his dream: the personal Madrid-Dakar rally to meet Capi’s family. They stop in Capi’s hometown – Touba and spend four weeks there.

While in Touba, Dabiz uncovers a story that Capi never talked about. Several years ago, just one month after the birth of their daughter, Capi’s wife passed away, because there was no ambulance at the health center to take her to the hospital. Dabiz finds out that this health center serving 50,000 people, still today, has no ambulance, which he mentions in an interview for Spanish television.

Silence. Noone responded  to Dabiz’s appeal.

February 2023. In Alcala de Henares during a gathering of friends from Spain, Catalonia, and Poland, the conversation revolves around Dabiz’s journey. We learn Capi’s story.

The question arises: “How is it possible that in Senegal, where Dakar Rally participants finished for nearly three decades, among all those impressive vehicles, there is a lack of one so vital – ambulance? How is that possible?”

We have decided to do something about it, and here we are, asking you for help.

The Corda Unitum Foundation is full of hope and seeks the support of Dakar Rally fans, which has captured the attention of millions and millions of viewers worldwide. Rally participants are examples of hard work, perseverance, and determination in pursuing goals.

Now, leveraging this prestigious legacy of the Dakar Rallies, the Corda Unitum Foundation aims to bring awareness to the world about efforts to improve the health and lives of mothers and children in Senegal and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Together, we can create not only amazing sports stories but also stories of collective effort and positive social change. We encourage all automotive and Dakar Rally enthusiasts, participants, and their sponsors to support our mission and achieve our goal: an ambulance reaching the finish line!

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